OptiMystic MC

"Keep the art in the heart"

Underground MC OptiMystic has been working hard to complete his latest project, the ‘Day of the Guiding Light / Followed by the Shadow’ album. Most definitely no stranger to the music scene, OptiMystic has been manifesting dreams, making connections and spreading his vibe the only way he knows how… with raw love and hardcore positivity!

On this ground breaking double album, OptiMystic spits, rips and kicks a range of flows with variety and passion. The two discs feature a light side, which is bursting with positive and uplifting anthems and a shadow side that grants Optimystic a platform to showcase his creative rawness.

His album features a guest list of International hip hop icons, including Onyx, Keith Murray (Def Squad), Krazy Drayz (Das EFX), Mr Cheeks (The Lost Boyz), Rockness Monsta (Heltah Skeltah), Chip-Fu (FuSchnickens), Doitall (Lords of the Underground), Afu-Ra, Jeru the Damaja & Big Shug (Gang Starr Foundation), Prodigal Sunn & Killah Priest (Sunz of Man), Ruste Juxx and more. ‘Day of the Guiding Light / Followed by the Shadow’ features production from Loftwah the BeatsmiffWisdom2thRob Shaker (Syllabolix), Creed Birch and Dazastah (Downsyde, Syllabolix).

Music videos from the album have been filmed in locations across the globe from Perth to New York… ‘Exquisite’ (Featuring Chip-Fu), ‘Rock On All Levels’ (Featuring Mr Cheeks & Rockness Monsta), ‘Fearless’ (Featuring Afu-ra, Doitall & Chip-Fu), ‘Spit That Shit (Featuring Keith Murray) and ‘Madd Rush’ (Featuring Onyx).

OptiMystic released his debut solo album ‘ReVamp’ independently in 2009. Notable features from the album include Speech (Arrested Development), Maya Jupiter, N’Fa Jones (1200 Techniques) and Reverse Polarities (Big Village).

Without a major release, OptiMystic has graced the stage with Arrested Development, Chip-Fu (Fu-Schnickens), has supported Onyx and Snak The Ripper (Stompdown Killaz). OptiMystic’s performances are jam-packed full of rapidly paced lyrics, an immense amount of energy, enthusiasm and crowd participation.

With an extraordinary character, an unrestricted drive and the skills to match, OptiMystic delivers a unique and genuinely personal album. He is a conscious MC that keeps the art in the heart, he covers topics of love, death, addiction, spirituality, the mystical unknown and his appreciation for Hip Hop. His album ‘Day of the Guiding Light / Followed by the Shadow’ is true to his personality and will deeply impact those that listen to it.

OptiMystic’s love knows no boundaries! So be prepared and stay aware, for if there ever was a time for this MC to be unearthed to the masses… it’s now!

New album coming soon


“What sets him apart from everybody else is the energy he possesses, you can tell he has a love for the art form and he knows what he wants when it comes to his tracks and his music”Chip-Fu (Fu-Schnickens).

“Bursting with old-school hip hop vibes, there’s a lot to like about this track”Dom Alessio reviews Exquisite (Triple J).

Optimystic has assembled a killer cast here – Chip-Fu is a demon with rubber raps and Sarah’s voice really shines. There’s a lot of energy and drive going into this and it definitely comes through”Dave Ruby Howe reviews Exquisite (Triple J).

Day of the Guiding Light / Followed by the Shadow

Day of the Guiding Light album cover

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